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While there are a number of professional training companies around, the majority focus on “vanilla” training.  That usually means that the subjects and contents are standardized for the general public.  While J&S Consulting can provide such training, it tends to focus on specialized training targeted at the specific needs of a company.  It will determine the needs of the company as well as of the students and tailor the training to meet those needs.  As a result, the course is made relevant to the day to day activities of the personnel and does not clutter the teaching time with functions that will typically never be used.

In the past, we have trained the sales forces of two major multinational corporations, in both cases numbering approximately 400 students.  This was done are various locations throughout the country to help eliminate or reduce travel expenses.  In each case, the courses were set up specifically to address the needs of the companies and course material was created to match the course content.

General Consulting

Whether you are installing hundreds of computers or only one, there are common problems that are encountered.  How is backup to be provided?  What should be done about virus protection?  What should I be spending on software?

Since J&S Consulting does not sell either hardware or software, we are under no obligation other than the best choices for our customers.


Not sure how to integrate Microsoft Word with Microsoft Access for a Mail Merge?  Not sure how to make PowerPoint show the movie you have obtained?  These are the general types of situations we can help you with.